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What is a Red Light Camera?

A red light camera is a traffic enforcement camera that captures an image of a vehicle which has entered an intersection as soon as the traffic light turns red.   By automatically photographing vehicles that run red lights, the camera produces evidence that assists authorities in their enforcement of traffic laws.  

Generally the camera is triggered when a vehicle enters the intersection after the traffic light has turned red. Typically, a law enforcement official will review the photographic evidence and determine whether a violation occurred.  A citation is then usually mailed to the owner of the vehicle found to be in violation of the law. These cameras are used worldwide, in countries including: Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore and the United States.  

There is debate and ongoing research about the use of red light cameras.  Authorities cite public safety as the primary reason that the cameras are installed while opponents contend their use is more for financial gain than for safety. There have been concerns that red light cameras scare drivers into more sudden stops, perhaps on a yellow light, which is likely to increase rear-end collisions, while some stop lights allow a red-light grace period of a few seconds before the cross-direction turns green. However, the increased incentive to stop could reduce right-angle crashes during turns. Some studies have confirmed many more rear-end collisions where red light cameras have been used, while right-angle crashes decreased, but the overall collision rate has been mixed as to whether the total crashes were higher when using red light cameras.

The truth is that red light cameras have increased county and city income by the millions.  Thereby safety is no longer the issue, but revenue.

Red light camera tickets are being enforced to car owners even with no proof who was at the drivers seat. UNFAIR FOR SAFE DRIVERS.

We were told that the cameras were for our public safety and violations would be sent just like a parking ticket.  Well if this is true why are we paying 10 times more than parking tickets?

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